Double Your Donation Revenue with Employer Matching Today!

February 2, 2018

As an organization, you are always looking for fresh ways to tap into new donation opportunities. With our new employer matching feature, you have the opportunity to double your donations. We recently built an integration with Amply that allows you to place an employee matching option right on your giving page!Though the donation match is not guaranteed, it’s a way for your donors to see if their employers will offer to match their donation to your organization. Donation matching can make you the hero of your organization by effortlessly increasing your revenue. Who doesn’t want free money? This is an additional reason for donors to give and to give more since their donation can be matched.Here are 5 need to know about employee matching programs and how to effectively use them:

1. Think About Timing

January and November are the biggest matching opportunities. In January this is a ripple effect of December as donating big is still on the minds of donors. As for November, year-end giving and taxes are right around the corner, use this as a driving point on why to give now. End of the year tax benefits? Why not get your match benefit as well? Make sure you hype up your employee match capability within these two months.

2. Have an Objective

Some people will give just to give, but more people will give when they know their donation is being applied to a goal. Create a fundraising goal for your non-profit and communicate this goal to your donors. “Donate with your employer and help us fund our new staff member!” or “Your matches will help us reach putting on a new roof for the local school!” This will help donors visualize how their donations are making an impact and will give them more reason to check with their employers for their matching programs.

3. Bring in the Community

Look at the companies listed through Amply to see if any have a strong presence in your community. You can list them on your site saying “These are some major employers that match donations! Does your company have one too? Click here to search.” This setup will allow donors to click the link to your donation page which will have the search bar to check for their company name. Seeing if their employer has a matching program will make it that much easier to give.

4. Provide Accessibility

If you want your matching to be as impactful as other types of giving have it easily accessible. Place a call to action button on your website with information on how it works. Example: “Want to take advantage of matching gifts today? Click here to do so!”

5. Look Around You

Take note of your major donors. Some people make the mistake of forgetting their own board members. Note who your board and leadership members work for to see if their employers having matching programs. They’re already giving to your organization, might as well take advantage of a possible match because you know they believe in your mission!Promote and implement Employee Matching as an integral part of your fundraising efforts. Use Employee Matching today to begin deepening the conversation with your donors and seeing opportunities that are just hiding right around the corner!Ready to use Employer Matching? Learn more here!