We love being connected to our customers.

Our customers drive our innovation and we thrive off being able to deliver features that clients love. That's why we carve out time to listen to hear what you are seeing and how we can think about the future of technology together.

Come share your thoughts and hear from the founding team for what's coming. If you are the type that wants to be the first to try something new, this is the perfect time to express interest in some of our secret beta features we have behind the scenes.

The meetings are virtual, which means you can join from anywhere and are video based (meaning, you can see us -- and we can see you if you want). We utilize Zoom software which is free to use.

How to join in

To join our next Founders Friday, just put your email below and indicate which product(s) you are interested in discussing. We'll email you a link to register and attend our next one.

Founder Friday Interest

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