We Make Awesome Products For Awesome People

Our mission is to create the most fun, celebratory, honoring, generous, and empowering company culture ever. Yep, seriously.
Hi, we're webconnex!
We are an ambitious team of passion driven people. We love to make software but our true priority is our intentional company culture. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, with employees all over the country, we believe a team performs best when individuals are empowered, honored, and trusted.

Our team is comprised of smart, passionate, and humble people who love what they do. The results speak for themselves. We currently have over 60,000 customers who have processed over $4 billion dollars for their events, ticketing, and fundraising. If you want to join a talented team doing big things, you’ve found the right place.







Our Founders
Eric knopf
john russell
Webconnex was started by Eric and John in 2008 to revolutionize software for events and fundraising. Both are people-driven entrepreneurs, avid adventurer seekers, and awesome husbands & fathers.

Our Core Values

What matters most is what drives us


In everything we do, excellence is at the core.

Create great products

Focus first on how they improve the lives of the customer.

Aspire to be your best

Bring your very best to work and expect the same from everyone.

Always be growing

Healthy things grow. We want to be people who are growing, personally & professionally.

Make the world a better place

Is society better because we are here? It should be.


We are here because we love what we do.

Our work matters

This isn’t just a job. What we do every day matters.

Work hard & play hard

We value work and we make the most of it. But we also value rest and play.

Risk & dream

Dream big dream and take risks. Failure is OK. Failure to risk isn’t.

Go the extra mile

We give it our all and when circumstances demand, rise to the occasion.


We value people above everything else.

People matter most

We say “people over profits” and we mean it. Seriously.

Customers are people first

Every relationship matters, and our interactions should improve people's lives.


This is a place to know each other and to be known. We want to be focused on being connected to one another.

Win as one

We’re a team who supports each other. We sacrifice for each other, we protect each other and we win as a team.


We trust, honor, respect, and serve others with humility.

Do what’s right

Our reputation matters most. We do what’s right even if it’s hard or costly in the short term.


We can deal with hard things, but we are always truthful. Trust is built on truth.


We don’t hide things or sweep them under the rug. When we’re wrong, we own it. We believe that teams function the best when everyone is, “in the know.”


We lead from a place of trust first. Not a place of skepticism or doubt.


We strive to be the best in each industry we serve.

Dignity & respect

We treat our competitors with dignity. Behind every competitor there are real people with families, friends, hopes and dreams.

Compete to win and win fairly

The way to win is with the best products and people, not by cutting corners or dirty tactics.

Enjoy it

Competition is fun. It pushes us and challenges us.

Abundance mindset

We believe there is enough for everyone.


We build and work for the long term and dream big.

Create the future

We don’t just build for requests, we architect the future of our categories.

Marathon vs sprint

We build and work for the long term, not flash in the pan success.

Long term value

We believe in building value for everyone we work with. We aim to leave every relationship in a better place.

Allow everyone to win

We don’t have to scrape every nickel out of every deal. The journey is a lot more fun when everyone wins.


Fun seems like a lost art nowadays. We aim to change that.

Trips & retreats

We do international team trips with all our families. Alongside surf trips, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, and more.

"Newb Olympics"

Our new hires enjoy an entire day where we celebrate, compete, and laugh together.

Connection Credits

Wanna fly somewhere to go on an adventure with a team member in another state? Go for it.

Genuinely good people

We know, everyone says this. But our team are kind, generous, and empowering people who authentically value and respect you.

How we're different

From our yearly trips to tropical destinations, to fun olympic events for new hires, to our own burrito cryptocurrency. At Webconnex, we're different.