3 Things Your Check-In Scanners Need To Know How To Do On The App

January 30, 2018

There are two things we know about checking attendees into an event. First, nobody likes to wait in a long line. Second, someone always forgets their ticket. It’s inevitable!We know it’s your goal to have the check-in process run smoothly. So here are 3 things you’ll want to make sure your scanners know how to do on the check-in app for a seamless experience.

1. Efficiently Scan Attendee’s Tickets.

Let’s start with basics. Have your scanners download the check-in app in advance, or you can download the app onto your designated scanning devices. You’ll need a token, a 10 digit ID number that is used as a reference for all your registration data. Once you’ve generated your token, you can either type it or scan it into the app.Once completed, you’ll find yourself on a home page. To scan a ticket with the check-in app, click the scan button. The registration confirmations will have a QR code and the devices can scan from a printed version or pulled up on a phone.If it’s a valid registration, you’ll see a green check. Invalid registrations will display a red X.PRO Tip: Let your scanners know in advance what can cause a ticket to show as invalid. Options include a canceled registration, a pending registration (where final payment was never received), a registration from a past event, or a duplicate registration (where the confirmation was printed twice). This will help them explain the situation to the guests on site.

2. Lookup a Forgotten Ticket and Check The Registrant In On The Spot.

When (not if) an attendee forgets to bring their ticket with them, our app allows you to look up the registration by searching for the registrant’s first or last name. You can open a search bar on the home page or from the scanning page.If the registrant has already been checked in, a popup will display to notify the scanner. In addition, their name and check in date and time will be highlighted in green at the top. If the registrant has not been checked in, one click will do the trick. The whole process from start to finish takes less than 30 seconds.PRO Tip: To keep the line moving, have the scanners offer the lookup option to guests who don’t have their tickets out and scan-ready. The attendee will appreciate the option to skip the hassle of fumbling around in their purse or pockets, even if they remembered to bring it with them.

3. Confirm a Pre-Order or Purchase.

The check-in app also allows the scanner to look up the registrant’s order in full. If the order includes a T-shirt or merchandise, a session, a job title, or any other fully customizable detail, it can be viewed by looking up the registrant’s first or last name.You can also view this data by scanning the QR code a second time. This function on the app allows you to confirm a purchase in the event of an onsite pickup.PRO Tip: Have pre-ordered merchandise pick up at a separate location than onsite merchandise sales. Not only will it keep the lines shorter, it will prevent any inventory mix-ups.That’s it. We like to keep things simple because we know that you’ve got a lot on your plate the day of the big event. If you’ve used the check-in app at one of your events, tell us all about it in the comments below!