5 Free Fundraising Email Templates

If you poll any executive director of a nonprofit, you’ll see that fundraising is one of their biggest headaches in running their organization. While fundraising takes many shapes and sizes, email is very strategic when it comes to asking people to get involved financially and give.

Most fundraising emails fail because they are too long, too vague or too complicated. We have crafted 5 amazingly effective emails to help you acquire new donors, set up fundraising meetings and engage existing donors to increase their donations.

These emails come from over a decade’s fundraising experience. And they are proven to work. You can simply replace the specified contents with your own information and send. They are short, clear and give a direct call to action to move your fundraising purposes ahead.

Learn about how these emails can save you time and money in this short video below.

Use these email templates and watch your responses significantly increase. It will be our little secret.

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