A Guide to Launch Text to Give At Your Church

July 11, 2017

Text to give is the most effective way to accept donations during a church service. This is because the number of people who carry cash or checkbooks is dwindling, while a growing majority of your congregation likely has a cell phone with them. So why not include a giving option that can be utilized by the masses?We are confident you will see an increased number of givers once you introduce text to give. At this point, you might be wondering how to get your congregation started with text to give? We are glad you asked! We put together a slide deck to help get you started.Simply click the link below to view. You can make a copy to customize it to fit your church’s style, or just use it as a guide to create your own slides from scratch.


If you have yet to set up a text to give number, be sure to check out this resource to learn how.Have you already launched text to give at your church? We’d love to hear how it went. Share your experience in the comments below.