Actions -- the Artificial Intelligence of Online Registration

June 5, 2018

Robots haven’t taken over the world just yet but software can serve you in ways that will save you time. Marketing for a race event is complex. You have to cover everything from offering your bargain hunters the deal they're looking for to ensuring purchasers aren't distracted by a long registration form. If you don't nail these items you might find your sales suffering.With the help of our software you can automate price adjustments and hide registration data collection to create an effortless customer checkout. It’s called conditional logic, and you can use it to bring some action to your race registration page, letting the software do the work while you focus on building the race of your dreams.Conditional logic means you can set a trigger and get an end result on your campaign. In the race industry, a common feature is the date specific price increase. An example of this would be: When the date is after June 1st, increase the price by $15. Yes, it’s that simple and you can set this up in advance using our software. If you know there will be multiple price increases, they can be stacked up. You can set it and forget it. There will be no need to remember to increase the registration prices while you are busy creating an unforgettable race.You can also use conditional logic to create a unique experience for your customers by using it to hide unnecessary fields. No longer do they need to read each data entry field and think, “Does this apply to me?” An example of this could be based on a registrant age you can show or hide certain fields.There is also a current trend of combining multiple sub events such as a 5K, 10K and half-marathon into one day, but each of these runs have different requirements. With logic you can show the early wave times only for those daring half-marathon runners, and keep those later times for the short course runners.A more complex example would be if you’re hosting a destination car race. Your campaign can start with a few questions that ask if they need a hotel, how many cars are they going to race and how many drivers they are registering. The answers to these questions would then trigger the appropriate fields to show below.If they need a hotel, you can have a selection of reserved rooms show on the page. If they are racing two cars then the form will show two car information entry points. If there is only one racer then only one name, age, and insurance field will show up. Behind the scenes this form could have five options for all of these, but with some conditional logic your registrant will only see what they need. They’ll save time, and you will be the hero to your customers.By setting up your conditional logic during the registration campaign creation phase you are able to save time in the long run. Your registration form will be straight forward for your customers, minimizing frustration and increasing conversions. The prices will automatically adjust, maximizing your profits. And there will be no need to have the nagging voice in the back of your head asking you if you did that necessary thing yet, because you set it up beforehand. You will gift yourself peace of mind during an otherwise chaotic time.