April 2018 -- Product Update

April 26, 2018

We are more than a little excited to bring you a timely update of what we’ve been working on here at the office.Here are some of the goodies we have cooked up for you: Facebook/Google Login, Prompt Confirmation, Navigation Bar Resend options, and great news about Integrations! Check out the details in the video below![embed]https://webconnex.wistia.com/medias/1w7gai2ckp[/embed]

Facebook/Google Login

If you would like to offer a shortcut to your attendees so they don’t have to enter their information manually, then add these new Facebook and Google buttons to your page. Attendees simply authorize their Facebook or Google account to pre-populate information into the page. This feature shaves time off an already speedy process! To activate this feature, add an account login field to your page, and go to advanced options. And bam, your attendees will love that they don’t have to waste time typing their information. Take that Cambridge Analytica!

Confirmation Prompt

Have you ever wanted to communicate something specific to your attendees or donors right after they complete the page? The confirmation prompt is a great place to do it! After someone clicks “submit” on your campaign, they’ll see a pop-up prompt that you can make say whatever you want! Maybe a reminder of other events coming up, suggestion to add a date to their calendar, links to hotels, or even just a message about how excited you are that they’re involved!

Navigation Bar Confirmation Resend

We’d rather not be to blame for carpal tunnel of the scrolling finger. As an attendee, sifting through hundreds of emails to find the confirmation message sent a month before can be disastrous. Thankfully, with our new navigation bar confirmation resend, it’s Au Revoire carpal tunnel! The next time your attendee wants to send themselves a confirmation, they can simply head back to the form where they registered, and click “resend confirmation”. A prompt will ask which email to send it to, and Voila! Their confirmation lands back in their inbox, and all fingers are still functional!

Free Integrations

We have a big announcement concerning our integrations!Integrations are now free. We thought about it, and decided to make standard integrations completely free to use. Well, in case you don’t know what we’re talking about, click here to get a quick overview of how integrations work.If you ever need any more information than what we’ve offered here, we have a whole team of people who can’t wait to talk to you! As well as more help articles than you can shake a stick at. Spring is in full effect, and we never pass an opportunity to make cheesy jokes, because in a few days…

Additional Items that were Released this Month:

New: Option to hide answers on confirmation page and emails. This is really handy if someone is providing highly sensitive or private information, like hemorrhoids and stuff.

New: Display tax deductible totals on confirmation pages and emails: For the impatient folks who simply can’t wait until january to see how much they can write off, you’re welcome.

New: Option to apply coupon codes to remaining balance on deposit payments: Some people were really passionate about this one and the barking got too loud. Looking at you Danny. So we added support for it.

Updated: Folders were not alphabetically sorted: We honestly don’t know how they were sorted -- perhaps some davinci code style algorithm, but now they are like a normal human being would want.

Updated: Applied some styling to session selection in account manager. Boy was this fugly before. We’re still recovering from being traumatized.

Updated: Improve export speed for mega accounts: Exporting thousands of forms was less than awesome. It’s now closer to awesome.

Fixed: E-Commerce stats getting lost when sent to Google. You can resume tracking your e-commerce stats for your Never-Nude national convention again.

Fixed: Invoices were missing billed dates: They been reunited at last.

Fixed: Times and dates weren’t for silly reasons: For international customers changing dates, times zones and tweaking with date offsets in system clocks (all 10 of you), you’re welcome.

Fixed: Badge generator pulling in old field labels. We know change is hard, but sometimes you just got to embrace the new.

Fixed: QR code became invisible when creating an App Token: What do you think is, some David Copperfield trick? I don’t think so.

Fixed: Email double entry not requiring second email: Your customers will successfully be required (and annoyed) to type their email twice.

Fixed: Rogue apply button appearing on dashboard: Actually it was just misaligned, but boy did it look weird where it appeared.

Fixed: Reserved seating ticket export not exporting: This is no trade war. Exports are successfully restored.