Boost Year End Donations with a Giving Tuesday Campaign

November 14, 2018

We built GivingFuel because we knew you were out there with a mission and a need to fund that mission. We know that the biggest need you have is to raise funds, and Giving Tuesday is a great tool you can utilize to supercharge your giving before the end of the year hits. November 27, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, is a day dedicated to raising online donations for nonprofits and causes, and it’s been skyrocketing in popularity in recent years. Last year, Giving Tuesday donations totaled over $270 million, an increase of over $100 million from just the year before.We don’t want to leave you without a way to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to help fuel your nonprofit's mission. We asked the president of GivingFuel, Justin Zoradi, to give you some awesome tips to help you maximize Giving Tuesday 2018.

  1. Consider launching your year-end giving campaign on Giving Tuesday. This can super-charge the start of your campaign by giving you a boost of momentum that will last through December.
  2. Determine a straightforward and practical need that your donors can help you fulfill. Don’t just make Giving Tuesday and your year-end campaign a general donation to your organization. Make it about one BIG need, like a new program, building, or initiative. This helps provide clarity and focus to your campaign.
  3. Set a goal for your Giving Tuesday and year-end campaign. Whether it’s $10,000 or $250,000, make it a stretch that’s not out of the realm of possibility. This also helps to create excitement by keeping your donors updated on the progression of your campaign through December.
  4. Develop simple email and social media materials to launch on Giving Tuesday. All you need are a few awesome graphics and images to share online for Giving Tuesday. This will build excitement for the goal your organization is accomplishing.
  5. Consider filming a simple “selfie-style” video with your mobile phone telling people about your Giving Tuesday campaign. This can be done quickly and is another tool that can help to spread the word about your new giving goal.

These are some quick and easy ways to help you jump on the Giving Tuesday train this coming Tuesday, November 27. Of course, GivingFuel can help equip with you the tools needed to raise funds for your organization. If you want to get started on Giving Fuel, head here and click “Get Started”, Your first page can be up in less than 15 minutes! If you are currently using GivingFuel and need some support, don’t hesitate to ask.We look forward to seeing how your organization uses these tools to fund your amazing projects. Happy Giving Tuesday from us here at GivingFuel.