Meet Shadi -- Our VP of Sales

May 3, 2018

Yep, you read that right. Webconnex recently hired our VP of Sales. There was no one better fit to step into this role and take our sales game to the next level than the man, the myth and the legend, Shadi Hayek.He oozes professionalism and old school vibes, we must mention his mad trash talking skills when it comes to ping pong. In all seriousness, he brings a humble confidence and optimism that can boost anyone’s morale. He wholeheartedly cares about our current and future customers and their success. If you’ve had a phone call with him, he has certainly left you feeling like you can conquer the world.Now, without further adieu meet Shadi.I love seeing communities and individuals thrive. Most of my extracurricular commitments are centered around building individuals and groups into thriving fully alive entities that run on high octane. Whether it’s serving as a board member, taking on projects like running a city’s 4th of July parade, or hosting people for a barbecue., The majority of anything I do is connected to bringing people together and then venturing out to conquer a mountain.While I love a good party, Saturdays are meant for coastal road trips. Between the mom and pop shops, eateries, and beaches it’s often my favorite avenue of decompressing and mini weekend adventures.Also, I can beat just about any living human in a thumb war. My thumbs are double jointed and you’ll never catch them.