Customer Spotlight: Evening of Dreams

November 14, 2017

Trying to explain what Evening of Dreams does is difficult to put into words alone.It’s a red carpet event for teens and young adults. It’s a themed party with dinner, dancing, and entertainment. It’s a celebration of people from all walks of life who may be different from the rhythms we’re accustomed to.Evening of Dreams was created to help teens and young adults with special needs feel like royalty. Imagine an event where the social outsiders are honored, and there is no segregation for those who are different. The team at Evening of Dreams believes that everyone deserves to be treated like a king and queen, and they make that happen every year. They throw themed parties where you’ll typically see superheroes, live mermaids, dance crews, and celebrity cameos, all to acclaim their guests. And they are about to celebrate 10 years.When we met up with Michelle Raby the Outreach Director at Capital Christian Center to ask a few questions, we were amazed by the year-round prep and crew that makes this thing happen. Michelle and her team have found the RegFox exporting functionality incredibly useful in their processes, as it allows them to take that information and create customized wristbands for each attendee. For them, this is crucial as each young adult’s needs for the evening are unique and essential to the success of the evening.Take a peek at this incredible event and how they’re using RegFox to make dreams come true.[embed][/embed]If you’re looking for a way to include wristband printing like Evening of Dreams check out Capture Technologies to use alongside RegFox.