Enhance Your Attendees Experience with Core-Apps

September 18, 2018

Event Apps are an investment for your event. They are powerful tools that make your event more memorable and valuable to your attendees. At surface level, event apps help place real-time event information right in the hands of your attendees. On a deeper level, they keep your attendees engaged and can actually be used as an extra revenue source for you.We understand that event apps can be a crucial part of your event, so while we’re focused on creating your registration software, we have partnered with event app companies whose sole purpose is to create apps for events like yours.This is where Core-Apps comes into the picture. Core-Apps is a company we recently added to our partner list due to their impressive customer service, features, and app customization. In our partnership with Core-Apps we’ve created it so they can pull any registrant data they need into your event app giving you one seamless connection.Their team members also come from the event industry, so their event and technology knowledge is unprecedented along with their dedication to event organizers like you. Below you’ll see just a few of the many features Core-Apps can do with their event apps to help make event’s experience a breeze.

Session Check-in

Attendance tracking is often a chore to keep track of for both attendees and event organizers. Not only do you want to see who came to the overall event, you want to see the no-show rate for various sessions. Whether you’re tracking attendance for education credits or simply for information purposes, their app allows you to easily confirm their attendance to help you issue credits or polls to attendees later.

Interactive Exhibitor Maps

Have a last minute exhibitor who wants to change their booth location or get added day of the event? Not a problem! Core-apps exhibitor mapping, not only is extremely customizable, you can also update it on the fly. By updating the floor-plan, every attendee will see it on their maps. Additionally, attendees can map their best path from booth to booth and keep notes of interesting things they saw right on the map in the app!

Networking Capabilities

A valuable piece to your event is the networking opportunities between your attendees. By providing a means for your attendees to connect with one another, you provide them an invaluable experience to take home. By using an event app that has a networking capability, attendees can connect, message, and schedule meetings with other attendees all within the app.

“My Schedule”

Registrants attending a conference need an easy way to track the sessions or meetings they’ve booked. By importing attendees agendas or building them in the app itself, upcoming scheduled items can show on the attendees’ dashboard when they open the app so they always know where they need to be next.


With real time notifications that send through the app, attendees can stay informed with real time event information. You can trigger notifications to be sent based on location or based on attendee type keeping it super easy to keep your attendees or exhibitors up to date. If you want to send an alert to only exhibitors or buyers, you can! Or if you can also send alerts when attendees approach an area on the show floor, you can!

Note Taking Functionality

If you host sessions, upload handouts into the app for your attendees to follow along with the speaker during the session. They will be able to view handouts while also taking notes to help better stay engaged with speakers. They will be able to take these handouts and notes home to review later if so desired.

Live Polling

Keep your attendees engaged by getting more insights from them. With live polling, speakers can interact with users by polling them for feedback or to quiz them to ensure that what they’re explaining was understood all during the live session. Speakers can also receive questions from the audience through the app as well allowing a more dynamic connection between the speaker and audience.


Because you have the full power to customize, you can list sponsors banner ads and logos in the app to put front and center for your attendees to see. This allows you to bring in creative revenue streams a part from registration revenue by bringing on well known sponsors to help even cover the cost of the app itself.These are just a few features that Core-Apps can provide when they tailor your app for your event. It is a tool not only used by your attendees but by you to track and measure your attendees event experience so you can continue to grow and tweak your event. Have event apps do the work for you and provide an invaluable experience to your attendees.