Extreme Makeover: GivingFuel Edition

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June 2010 was a launching year for our products, the classic versions of RegFox, GivingFuel, RedPodium and TicketSpice. These products quickly became a huge hit in building online registration, donation and ticketing forms. Over the last 6 years, our company has been serving our clients with some of the best products along with the best customer support around. We have always been open to accepting more feedback about our products from our long time, faithful clients. The feedback from our clients plays a huge role in the development of our software. We have taken their suggestions from the past 6 years into consideration, and over a year ago, launched the new version of our software!

For months we had promised the 4.0 system would be easy to navigate, mobile compatible, and have conditional logic to name just a few of the updates. We did not want to disappoint so we went above and beyond what we had promised and built a software that not only had new features to the industry but looked beautful while doing so. When summer of 2015 hit, our system began turning the heads of our own 3.0 clients, potential clients and even the heads of our competitors!

If you have ever considered making the switch over to 4.0, no matter which donation platform, (even if it is our very own 3.0 version) you’re coming from; take a look at a form we built in our classic 3.0 version, then see that same page redesigned in our 4.0 version.

3.0 Classic System

3.0 Classic System

4.0 System

4.0 System

Here are some of the features you’ll find in our 4.0 version of GivingFuel.

Text To Give

When accepting donations in large group settings, such as church services or charity galas, accepting donations should be a fast and simple process. If your donors need to find the donation form, and then fill out a whole donation form just to give $10, it could make them think twice about giving! With the new 4.0, we found a way to incorporate a feature where your donors can text in their amount to a number, and then fill in their billing information! We also have a feature where they can set it to a one time OR a recurring donation, as well as manage it after they donate!


Donor Permissions

This leads me to donor permissions! In our 4.0 system, we still offer the ability for donors to manage their own donations and subscriptions through an account but we have streamlined the process. Easily connecting it to their email they use and if you choose to turn on account creation functionality then donors can redeem their account at a later date of their choosing. Additionally, donors are able to have access to any past donations, edit recurring subscriptions and change personal or billing information with out any hiccups. This is an extremely important feature to churches or nonprofits with hundreds if not thousands of donors and donations to manage.


Conditional Logic

Something neat about GivingFuel is that it has conditional logic built into the system using what we call Actions. Actions is a functionality where you can tell the form what to do based on the selection of fields by the donor. In simple terms, if you want your donors to have the option to make a donation AND a purchase, you could ask a Yes or No question, and then use the Actions to hide the extra fields if they select “No, I would not like to purchase a T-Shirt” or something like that. Actions consist of a wide range of possibilities of hiding options that are hidden behind other options that will blow your donors away by its seamlessness.



Something that’s different about the 4.0 system that the 3.0 system lacked is that we actually offer a way to track funds well. Organizations are be able to post a list of options where their donors can give towards, and the funds can be divided up by the category. For example, the donor would have the ability to choose if their funds go towards Schooling, Providing a Home, or Food. This makes it easy for the organization to sort through when dividing up the funds!


Mobile Responsive Design

A frequently asked question about our system is “is your site compatible on mobile”. And we can gladly give them a straight YES!  We recognize that majority of donations are made on mobile devices, therefor the importance of a mobile responsive form is great. Now donors will be able to see a clean layout of the form on any mobile device. Making online donations is easier than ever with our well designed forms in GivingFuel.


GivingFuel has been one of our most loved products. Give it a chance and experience this awesome, industry changing product!