Hot New Feature: Purchase Protection for your Attendees

November 22, 2019

We are thrilled to announce our new service Purchase Protection! Purchase Protection is a simple cost-free add-on to your page that allows your attendees to upgrade their order with Purchase Protection. The service is provided by us and it will refund them, should they be unable to attend your event. It could be due to a death in the family, health emergency, transportation failure, and much more.Check out our video below![embed][/embed]

About Purchase Protection

Purchase Protection is not insurance, but it is a service you can offer your attendees. They can upgrade their registration for a one-time fee that makes them eligible for a full refund should they be prevented from attending your event. Purchase Protection does not cover the event organizer should the event be canceled, nor does it cover attendees should the event organizer cancel the event. Please read the full terms and conditions.

Why Purchase Protection is Awesome For Event Organizers

Purchase Protection is a big help to event organizations like you in the following three ways:1. Double Selling A Registration Spot: When an attendee files a valid claim, their registration is canceled and Purchase Protection reimburses them for their event dues and fees. This means the event organizer can sell the same spot to another attendee.2: Stricter Refund Policies: Since attendees have a simple option to protect their event purchase with Purchase Protection, you can have a more rigid policy to minimize refunding attendees. That means less money leaving your account.3: Increased Conversions: Services like Purchase Protection have shown to increase sales conversion rates because attendees have assurance against the unexpected.

Why Purchase Protection is Awesome For Attendees

Purchase Protection will be loved by your attendees for the following reasons.Familiar Model: Services like Purchase Protection are wildly popular on travel booking sites to boost reservations and provide attendees a refund policy should the unexpected happen. They get the same protection they are used to when registering for your event.Peace of Mind: Purchase Protection has a broad range of circumstances that are eligible for refunds. Everything from death in a family, emergency health issues, crime, transportation failure, and even work conflicts. Purchase Protection offers a lot for your attendees to feel secure. View full terms and conditions here.Low Cost: For just pennies on the dollar, attendees can upgrade their registration and get the extra confidence knowing their registration is protected.

How it Works

For eligible event organizers and events, adding Purchase Protection is a simple add-on to your event page. Your attendees will be presented with a simple yes or no question to enroll in Purchase Protection for a flat fee based on their event total. This fee is charged automatically after the attendee pays for your event and is charged by Purchase Protection directly. The fee is calculated on a percentage of the order and excludes merchandise and charitable donations.Should an attendee need to file a claim, the process is simple and easy. Attendees file a claim online, provide the required documentation, and then their claim is then reviewed. Valid claims will receive a 100% refund of the attendee dues and fees. These refunds are paid out directly from Purchase Protection, not the event organizer. Purchase Protection handles all the claims, questions, and payouts.

Common Questions

Who is responsible for paying out refunds?Purchase Protection pays out attendees with valid claims, not the event organizer. This means event organizers keep more money and can even double sell the same registration spot.Is there any fee to offer Purchase Protection to my attendees?No, Purchase Protection is free to offer to your attendees and costs just pennies on the dollar to the attendees.How much does Purchase Protection cost attendees?The fee for Purchase Protection is calculated based on a small percentage of the running total of the attendee and excludes merchandise and charitable donations on the page. The minimum Purchase Protection fee is $5. The total cost is around 7%.How does it work with groups? (NOTE -- Only for REGFOX / REDPODIUM)Each attendee is offered the ability to upgrade their registration with Purchase Protection. All of the attendees can upgrade, or just some of them (or none of them). For attendees in the group who upgrade their registration, each attendee will have their own claim ID should one in the group need to file a claim.How does it work with groups? (NOTE -- for Only TicketSpice)If attendees have multiple tickets, Purchase Protection will cover all tickets purchased on the order. Should one or more of the attendees need to file a claim, they can receive reimbursement for price and fees of their tickets while unaffected attendees can still attend the event.How is Purchase Protection charged?Attendees who enroll in Purchase Protection will have their credit card charged immediately after successfully paying for your event. This separate charge occurs only after payment has been secured for the event. The charge is displayed on the attendee’s statement as Purchase Protection.Can Attendees Upgrade Registrations Later After They Register?Purchase Protection is only available to attendees during initial registration and cannot be upgraded later.