How We Offer Impossible Pricing

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Today we’re answering the question we get asked almost daily:

“How can you guys afford to price GivingFuel so low?”

When you look at other companies who offer the kind of technology we do, it’s almost always 5 to 10 times more expensive. Why? In truth, if GivingFuel was our only product, we could not begin to sustain our business with the GivingFuel price points. We don’t think any company could offer the technology platform and the level of support we offer, for the price we offer it. They simply couldn’t survive.

So why are we different?

When we started our company, we built one code base, which supported four products (GivingFuel, RegFox, TicketSpice & RedPodium). We are able to offer great pricing because we spread our expenses across all four products.

Having multiple products also has huge advantages to you, our GivingFuel customers. Here are a few examples:

  • You probably won’t find other giving solutions with conditional logic functionality. There’s just not enough market demand to justify the complexities and cost to provide it. However, we’ve already built it for our registration products, so why not offer it with GivingFuel.
  • Another example is our merchandise field. You won’t ever see something like that with other online giving providers. It’s not always a “must have,” but it’s a pretty joyful experience if you ever want try out a “free gift” offer. A lot of our customers will offer a free book when you set-up a monthly gift, or give over $100 for example. Also, the ability to sell books or other merchandise right on the donation page can come in pretty handy.

Our pricing is just one more advantage of being part of the Webconnex family. It all goes back to our core principals when we founded the company: simplicity and affordability.