Make Life Easier on Your Attendees with This Integration

October 19, 2018

Searching for ideal lodging solutions near an event can be a frustrating experience for out-of-town attendees. They usually don’t know the area and don’t have an easy way to find low-cost lodging options. Why not make it easier on them?By using our “Hotels and Lodging” option that is integrated with Stay22, you can display on your event’s map all the lodging options available. Whether it’s through your travel page, social media, or newsletters, this map can be embedded almost anywhere!Stay22 is a map-based accommodation system that is re-inventing the way event goers find accommodation near their event. We desire to empower event organizers to simplify and improve the event planning process, so we knew this integration was a no-brainer to add to our system. Enabling this little map in the navigation bar of your campaign will add value to your event, providing customers with a better booking and travel experience.

Still unsure why this tool applies to you? Below are four reasons why Stay22’s integration will change the way you handle accommodations for your event.

Save Yourself Time & Money

Whether you don’t have hotel room blocks or you have an almost sold out one, you can provide additional low-cost lodging options to your attendees with a click of a button. By providing a map full of local options, your attendees can select the option that best works for them. This saves you time and labor costs from having to handle your registrants' accommodation logistical questions or from running into unnecessary room block fees.

Improve the User Experience

By enabling the live map option, you are offering your registrants the lowest prices on accommodation listings near the event. The map automatically updates by availability in the local area - skipping the sold-out listings. Instead of your registrants having to search and compare numerous hotel options in multiple browser tabs, with one view, they’re able to see everything that’s available during the timeframe of your event.

Skip the Stress of Room Blocks

Managing room blocks can be an unnecessary stress added to running your event. Avoid negotiations with hotels and attrition penalties associated with filling fewer rooms than you reserved. Even if you have contracts with hotels for your room blocks, don’t stress if they sell out. With a flip of a switch, you now have an option to give other local hotel and even Airbnb options in addition to your room blocks so your registrants will always have some lodging option available in front of them.

Provide a range of options

You get a room! And you get a room! And you get a room!Stay22’s map includes an extensive supply of accommodation options. With over 6 million listings in 191 countries from Airbnb, Expedia, and, and many other lodging options, your registrants are bound to find something that fits their needs, whether it’s a registrant with more refined tastes or registrants who are more cost-conscious.Adding Stay22 to your website or our registration page will bring even more value to your pages and fans will appreciate the convenience. Let this integration handle lodging accommodations for you so you can focus that time and energy on your awesome event.