4 Ways to Maximize Text-to-Give

January 10, 2018

If your organization, church, or business are looking for a facelift, then Text-to-Give will be a decision you won’t regret. Text-to-Give will give your donors an additional way to give and will help you better reach a demographic of donors that you have yet tapped into.

Based off of our customer data, after enabling Text-to-Give, there is a 392% monthly increase, 130% weekly increase, or a 27% daily increase in their donations received on an average.

We’ve have 4 ways to help you maximize this feature and make you the new hero in your organization’s jump in donations!

1. Prepare to Educate

Once you have decided that you want to add this feature to your GivingFuel account, here is a tool to help the rest of your team get on board.

  • A Guide to Launch Text to Give: This download will help you create a presentation to give your team a visual on how user-friendly this feature is for your donors. You can also create a campaign to test this feature out yourself before releasing it to the public or your team.
  • Customizing the downloadable slide for your donors will also help give them a visual in learning how Text-to-Give works.
  • Prepare your team or designate a contact person to help people who might have questions or difficulty.
  • Our Customer Support team is here to help you be as knowledgeable as possible. If you have questions, ask us, as your team members might be wanting to ask the same questions.

2. Make it Visible

Make sure that your Text-to-Give number is visible on flyers, websites, announcements, social media, etc., which will help serve as a simple reminder and is a quick way for people to give if they forget their checkbooks or cash. Encourage your donors to save the phone number in their contacts for quick access. In the beginning, donors may be slow to catch on but the more exposure they get, people will eventually recognize the convenience of this new way of giving. Make sure you include step-by-steps on your website or other places you feel it is appropriate to do so.

3. Special Events and Fundraisers

Giving Tuesday has come and gone but there is no reason why you can’t implement your own day of giving. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or annually, you can designate a separate campaign and Text-to-Give number for special giving purposes. This can help create an excitement and sense of urgency to give. Heard of radio pledge drives? Most public radio stations are funded by their listeners and make appeals to them to be monthly donors. They find great success by making special appeals to their audience. Having a specific Text-to-Give campaign that is announced during special times of the year can help you increase your giving.In addition, you can use a thermometer widget to give your donors a visual of how close you are to achieving your fundraising goals.Click here: Thermometer Widget

4. Incentives

You can go the extra mile to help people save time by encouraging and implementing recurring giving through Text-to-Give and even thank them for doing so! Become a recurring donor and receive a free book, t-shirt, etc. Through our Conditional Logic or ‘Actions’ tab, you can give donors a free item when they have completed scheduling a recurring a donation on your page.Now that we’ve helped open your eyes to the new possibilities of giving, are you excited yet? If you’ve got a little itch and are ready to move forward… Then we are here to support you! We are excited to see how Text-to-Give will help you make this year in giving like no other!