Meet Phina -- Our Duchess of Dilemmas

October 2, 2018

We’re at it again! We’ve got another introduction to make. Our latest team member to join the Customer Support team is Phina Ellerman. She is authentic, enthusiastic, and ready to tackle any questions you may have about our software. You might have already talked with her over our messenger and been delighted by her excellent customer service.Phina is always eager to help our clients and ensure they receive the best experience possible. Don’t hesitate to message in and say “Hello” or even better challenge her to a dance battle.I’ll go ahead and let Phina share more on some things you might like to know about her. Meet Phina!What is something everyone doesn’t know about me?My husband is the first person that I ever dated, kissed, etc. I did not have a boyfriend until I was 28. He is 8 years younger than me, pursued me, and we started dating after a few weeks. We got married almost 3 yrs later and have been married for 15 months.Also, I’m technically a “princess”. My grandfather was the chief of our tribe in Nigeria. I don’t know much about my biological family, but I do know that he was very wealthy and his home was in the center of town. Women would walk by just to see him and get his attention. Not surprisingly, he had multiple wives. My father is one of 17 siblings.Tell us about someone who inspires you?My mom inspires me. She adopted me at the age of 26 yrs old, when I was 5 years old. She rescued me out of a difficult situation and raised me on her own. I’m inspired by her because it takes an incredible amount of selflessness to sacrifice your best years to raising someone else’s child. And she did an amazing job.She taught me to love people, to be kind, to be independent, and to work hard - all qualities that are the core of who I am today. She’s loved me at my best and supported me at my worst. She’s given me everything that she could and taught to do the best with what I have. Above all, she’s taught me about unconditional love - a love that transcends a bloodline or common DNA. A love that you choose and never give up on.What is your secret skill or talent?I’m very creative and love to sing, draw, and design, but secretly I love to dance. I was never enrolled in a ton of sports or extracurricular activities as a kid and to this day, I regret it. Whenever I could dance, I would. I even enrolled myself and my best friend into an advance hip-hop class as an adult - she dropped out after the first day but I danced on.I can’t help but imagine myself rising to the top of some dancing competition while in reality, I’m just watching So You Think You Can Dance (and clearly, I “think” I can). I’m not sure how well I can actually dance, but deep down I know there’s a dancing queen.What would you do with a free Saturday?I love relaxed Saturdays. I can either stay at home watching my favorite show and doing little projects here and there or run around town all day. I need to feel useful throughout the day without feeling like I have a huge list of things “to do”.Typically, I would wake up around 9:30 am and make myself a cup of coffee while my husband continues to sleep; this is “me” time. After an episode or two of my favorite true crime series, I would get myself dress and head out to run random errands. Random errands could be any of the following: getting a manicure, going to Target, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s…and maybe a quick trip to the mall.What’s the best event you’ve ever been to and why?In 2013, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z did a Legends of Summer Tour. They had both released new albums and I was obsessed. A couple of friends and I had been listening to their albums non-stop that summer, so when we caught wind of their nearby concert, we bought tickets and made our way to Candlestick Park in San Francisco.Could we “see” Justin? No. Could we breathe through the constant clouds of Mary Jane? Of course not. But Justin’s band and choreography were next level. And I sang to every word of Jay-Z’s oldie hits. All-in-all, it was truly a night to remember.