Meet Raquel -- Our Giving Guru

April 25, 2019

At Webconnex we want to provide you with the absolute highest quality of assistance. So when the time came to add a team member to our solutions team, we hired the absolute best! Meet Raquel, our Giving Guru. She is spunky, driven and incredibly passionate. Message in and you’ll find she is will walk side-by-side with you to find answers to your questions and solutions to any given situation.The GivingFuel Solutions team was quick to the draw to have Raquel as their new point person because of her history working with non-profits. She understands your perspective and needs because she's been there before.Be sure to say hi and welcome her to the GivingFuel family. We have no doubt your interactions with her will be positive, clear and knowledgeable. Read on to learn more about Raquel, our Giving Guru.

What would your superpower be and why?

Super Sonic Flight (with the ability to control your speed to any level). The thrill of free falling and flying is AMAZING and I would be able to go anywhere I want, whenever I want, as fast as I want. It would basically give me the ability to teleport and have fun. I do catch myself daydreaming about flying on a pretty regular basis.

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Sushi. I absolutely love sushi. However, I do not like wasabi. If wasabi has come in contact with a perfectly perfect piece of sushi, it has officially lost its perfection and therefore is no longer fit for consumption. I also cannot do sea urchin. It is waaay too fishy and tastes like salty sea dirt.

What Disney character do you resemble the most and why?

Moana! We both have long curly hair, we both love adventure and are not afraid to take on extreme challenges. Most importantly, she knew she had a higher calling, something in her that drew her towards the ocean. She fought through all her internal fears, the opinions of those she loved and respected, and even her accepted role as the future queen, to do something greater that ended up saving her people. Also, she is super brave and loves high-intensity thriller experiences and climbing trees! ---- and sings about everything :)