Meet Stephen -- Our Professor of Solutions

March 22, 2018

Our Webconnex team has grown by a few team members again! First up in this round of introductions is Stephen Gillis. He is no stranger to our customer success team, he has been behind the virtual curtains before.Before he applied for a job with us, our customer success team found ourselves in need of extra hands for a special project. So our Development Liaison, John Gillis, reached out to his super bright, quick learning brother to have him temporarily join our team. Immediately Stephen felt like one of the gang which had us thinking… “Maybe he’d be interested in working full time with us?”When the time came to hire for our customer success team, sure enough, he was interested and we couldn’t be happier to have him join. He is kind, genuine and analytical, all the makings for a killer customer success team member. We asked Stephen a few questions about himself, so the next time you hop into our messenger you can have these topics at the ready!

meet stephen

1. What’s your go to Karaoke song?Anything instrumental. 2. Tell us about someone who inspires you.Rob Bell. I admire his courage to be different, and how he examines ancient ideas from new angles to help expand on the things we think we know. He’s a terrific thinker and a gifted communicator. 3. What is your secret skill or talent?Wicked fast proofreading.4. What would you do with a free Saturday?Get a little extra sleep, catch up on my Zelda game (maybe) or a book (probably), and head to the Sonoma County coastline (around Bodega Bay) on a sunny day. End it with some lovely black coffee and ice cream. 5. What’s the best event you’ve ever been to and why?I traveled to Virginia Beach, VA, to see the last show of my favorite band, Mae. It was a-mae-zing having around 2,000 people sing and bid farewell to an artist we’d all collectively loved for about a decade, and the show was excellent as well.