Phone Support Isn’t Dead -- Schedule a Call Today!

May 24, 2018

As a customer of Webconnex when you reach out to us you want to feel heard, understood and have your questions answered without wasting your time. Our team always keeps this in mind when we develop up to date support practices.Online services have moved towards online customer support as the main channel of communication for their customers. The advancement of messenger tools, such as video or screen sharing, along with a younger demographic of online consumers, have contributed to this shift.As much as these advancements have helped with more efficient customer support, we understand there is nothing like the ability to speak with an actual human to help answer your questions. This is why we have been working tirelessly to find the best phone support solution that not only allows you to speak with a person but also keeps all customer support processes efficient.

A few months back we decided to make a shift in the way we offer phone support and we believe that we have found a great solution to provide you with the customer support you deserve.We decided to go with scheduled phone calls. Using a phone scheduling software, we created scheduled time slots for 20 minutes each. You can now choose from any available time slot. When scheduling your phone call, you will be able to provide questions or topics you’d like to cover, helping the assigned support team member to prepare answers or scenarios beforehand to present during the phone call ahead of time. Often times our team is able to review and sometimes even resolve the issue prior to the call. This helps keep the time of most phone calls to less than 20 minutes while maintaining positive support experiences for our customers.A customer recently had this to say about a phone call experience with a team member “Thanks! It was very helpful. And I LOVE having a scheduled appointment!”Additionally we offer another tool during scheduled time slots to share screens in order to provide visuals for examples of more complex situations. Screen sharing also gives the option to turn it into a video chat in order to provide an even more personal touch to your customer support experience!Next time you need to speak with a customer support team member, we welcome you to schedule a phone call with us. We strive to help you win your time back so that you can focus on other aspects of your event needs outside of our system. We look forward to speaking with you soon!