5 Reasons You Should Jump Aboard the Virtual Running Train

September 11, 2018

Have you heard the buzz surrounding Virtual Running? If not, we’re here to tell you a bit about it and why we believe it’s worth considering for your event. The Virtual Running market is somewhat new and uncharted territory. This unique market has so much potential for untapped profit.So what is Virtual Running? Virtual Running allows someone to register at a significantly discounted rate for your event but instead of participating on the day of and at the location of the event, the attendee runs where they want, when they want! Some events solely host Virtual Running events while others will choose to add this as an option to their existing event.This concept has made it possible for thousands of runners around the country to run marathons, 5k’s, and 10k’s in their backyard, and the greatest benefit goes to you, the event coordinator. The set up and planning compared to your traditional race is little to none. With Virtual Running you have none of the struggles, stress, and effort behind pre-race day check in, city permits, and city regulations - a breath of fresh air for your to-do list!Virtual Running is truly revolutionizing the running industry, and people like VRC (Virtual Running Club) are utilizing RedPodium as a means to offer this unique event type to the public. Here are some reasons behind why so many event organizers are jumping on board with Virtual Running!

The Convenience Factor

Your attendees can choose to run whenever and wherever they want. There is no 4 a.m. early breakfast, prepping for cold or wet weather, parking problems, or long porta potty lines. They choose the time, distance and location. As long as they log it, they are rewarded. This means you sit back and watch the money roll in!

Test, Test, Test

Your attendees see this type of an event as an opportunity to get pre-race jitters out. Runners are often looking for ways to test different supplements, shoes, clothing, hydration - you name it. If a runner gets the chance to replicate their future race by themselves, they are going to do it, and your bottom line can benefit for it!

It’s Affordable

Let's be real. 5k’s, 10k’s and Marathons aren't cheap, but Virtual Running is. You can sign up to do a run for under $10. Cheaper costs mean more people are likely to sign up for your event. An attendee simply stops buying Starbucks for a couple days and boom! They’re in!

The Swag

People LOVE to win stuff, and with Virtual Running everyone's a winner! If they log their race, they are able to win a special merchandise like t-shirt, bibs and race medals! Theme races are also a huge success when it comes to winning sweet schwag. Disneyland does theme races throughout the year, that offers rare Disney character medals. National Doughnut Day runs or Thanksgiving Day themes offer great scenarios for great swag as well.

Very Minimal Work

You, as the event organizer, just don’t have to deal with city permits, available parking, or the cities safety regulations. You just provide the registration form (through RedPodium *shameless plug*) and the swag and your attendees do the rest!This idea has been proven to make your bottom line really really happy. There is so much potential with this type of event. Not only is it fairly simple but people enjoy it, and we have the numbers to prove it. If this is an event that you might be interested in, feel free to reach out to our support team! We’ll help you get set up. Remember we want you to make more, do more and keep more!