Use this Registration Feature to Get Committed Attendees

May 8, 2018

Summer camp and class hosts want to avoid loss in participants over your registration cost? How about you win your participants over and get their commitment early by giving them the gift of our deposit feature! If you aren’t already taking advantage of this feature, adding deposits to your registration options will not only help you win over your participants, but will make your life easier while making you more money! Read on to learn how it will benefit both you and your attendees.

The Benefits of Deposits for the Attendee

The deposit feature helps make large registration costs attainable for your participants and opens the door for those who otherwise would not be able to attend. Think of it it this way, there are many things that prove difficult to attain if a full payment is required up front, such as cars, homes, and school tuition. Removing a high-up front cost for your participants helps remove a barrier from registering for your event.The same applies for Summer camps and classes that are geared towards children and youth, which often attract multiple attendees per family. That cost adds up, so families with multiple attendees might find comfort in not having to pay the entire amount up front. Buy your participants some time and see your registrations increase!Pro Tip:

  • If you want to lend even more of a helping hand, consider providing discounts for families with multiple registrants. It’s better to have more registrants with a discount than fewer registrants altogether.

The Benefits of Deposits for the Admin

This feature is designed to do the work for you. You set a deposit amount, choose a due date for the remaining balance, and the software will charge the card on file automatically on that date.Now, if your registration cost is particularly high, you can also give your registrants the ability to create accounts to make manual payments towards their final balance. While registrants can make payments towards their balance within their accounts, the account administrator can also make payments or even apply credits on behalf of registrants as well. This flexibility allows you to be as uninvolved or involved as you’d like.Additionally, deposits won’t prevent you from having your funds when you need them. When setting up your deposit settings, choose a final due date that will complete all pending deposits in time for you to collect your funds. This prevents you from being strapped for money when you’re needing to make purchases to prepare for your camp or class. When marketing and promoting registration for your event, be clear on when payments are due or when deposits will be available until to ensure expectations are set appropriately.We hope that you’ll take advantage of the benefits of our Deposit feature. We want to make sure that you feel confident about using this feature for your event. Our help center will guide you on how to turn this feature on and our customer support team is here to help make sure that you are ready to rock this summer with our deposit feature!