Reunions Can Be Awkward but Reunion Registration Doesn't Have to Be

July 11, 2018

Reunions are undeniably exciting but organizing them can feel like herding cats. Getting people to register takes organization. You will be dealing with how to get the word out, planning out event details, answering questions, handling payments, and juggling people’s information!Whether you volunteered or were tasked to organize and host your upcoming reunion, it doesn’t have to be painful or awkward. Running your class or family reunion online will help you focus on the most valuable part of your event which isn’t necessarily the revenue, but the management of people.We believe that with our software and customer support team on your side, you can focus on gathering valuable information to run your reunion! Here are 5 reasons to switch online registration for your next reunion!

1. Make it Personal

When creating your page through RegFox, you can make your page feel and look like yours. Reunions bring nostalgia and memories. Create what you want, whether its photos, quotes, or videos in order to help create excitement and anticipation for those who will land on the page. Grab a class or family photo and place it in the banner of your page!

2. Let the people come to you

It is likely that you might not have your 3rd aunt’s contact information on hand. It’s also likely that your classmates’ information might be extremely outdated. Our shareable URLs and links can be shared via several social media platforms or from person to person. Our floating share buttons can exist throughout the registration page which can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and much more! After registration, you can have your page also prompt to be shared on Facebook as a friendly reminder. You can customize a message to appear after registration to encourage your attendees to help spread the word!

3. Manage Pre-Orders

One of the biggest need of knowing your head count for any event is to know how much to buy or reserve of certain items. Common items for reunions might be merchandise (t-shirts or other goodies), meals, and even help with accommodations. You can price each item separately from your regular registration cost which will help set up for success in having your funds ahead of time to make appropriate purchases. You can customize your page to collect most any data you’ll need to know about your attendees!

4. Answer the questions ahead of time

You will want to keep your registration page nice and easy to go through so we give you the ability to add additional information on Confirmation Pages and Confirmation Emails. You can include custom messages as well as videos, pdf.’s, and images. A helpful tip is to include an FAQ’s download to help eliminate multiple calls and emails in your near future such as information on parking, nearby hotels, eateries, etc. Additional information that can exist within your registration page could include schedules or itineraries that are useful to help attendees make certain decisions.

5. Data is Money

If making your life easier isn’t a good enough reason to switch over to online registration, I hope you would consider the value of the information you will be collecting. Having an updated database for future family reunions or follow up class reunion events will make reaching out that much easier. The connections you will help foster and make way for is irreplaceable and the heart of gathering can live on within your specific community. This data can also help you make smart decisions for any future events.We promise that online registration will give you the upgrade you didn’t know you were looking for.