9 Ways To Simplify and Automate Your Event Management Process

January 25, 2018

As the old adage goes, time is money! Reducing the amount of time you spend managing your event can have a meaningful impact on your profitability of your event. Our software was made to put as many things on autopilot for you so that you spend less time wrestling with software, and more time putting on a great event. Find in this article 9 ways you can automate arduous, mundane and tiresome tasks so that you can add more time back to your schedule to more important things. We know some of the biggest headaches with running an event is how complex it can get to manage the details. At every stage, there are seemingly endless redundant, tiresome, and nitpicky tasks that have to be done for your event.The best software should simplify the process for you and your team, and help automate as many repetitive tasks as possible. Here 9 ways that can simplify formerly complex processes while also automating many tasks that you would have to do manually.[embed]https://webconnex.wistia.com/medias/9hy3m6qsc1[/embed]

1. Make Price Adjustments Automatic

Early bird pricing and multi-ticket discounts are two of the most popular types of discounts we see. And these can be setup to automatically adjust based on dates. You can use conditional logic, a.k.a actions in our system, to put these adjustments on autopilot so you can keep planning your event.

2. Memorized Custom Reports

You are the expert on your event and there are really good reasons to gather all of the data that you ask for during registration. But not all of that data is needed at all times. Within the export page, you can whittle down what you need for each scenario of your event and have it ready to export when you need it. You can create endless types of reports that anyone on your team can then pull when requested.

3. Create a Waiting List

You are hosting a fantastic event, so it sold out. No longer do you need to turn people away or keep handwritten notes. Now those who want to can get on a waiting list. You have the power to turn on a waiting list that will activate when your registration levels sell out. Then when someone requests a refund you can oblige them and easily sell those tickets from a list of happily waiting people. Their card is on file so this can be done immediately with a few simple clicks.

4. Close Sales Once Capacity is Reached.

Being an event planner is exhausting when keeping those spinning plates balancing. Don’t want to deal with refunds and a waiting list? You can automatically close your event once it is sold out. All you have to do is set your event capacity, select the “close once capacity is reached" option and then this registration page is on auto-pilot.

5. Auto-Schedule the Final Deposit Payment

Multi-day events can cost a lot of money. You can give your customers the option to pay a fixed cost when they register and you set a date to auto-charge the final payment to their card on file. You and your customer can breathe easy knowing both of you will get what you want without any further actions.

6. Waiver With Signature

If you want to get a step ahead of the paperwork you can enable an e-signature on the form. It is completed with the mouse and all of them can be downloaded together.

7. Confirmation Page Information

The confirmation page is one of the best places to put key information that doesn’t need to be put on the registration page. Parking information, schedule of events and any additional information will be emailed to your registrant so they can refer to it prior to showing up.

8. Auto-Redirect After Registration

If you have a website you would like your customers to end on, you can auto-redirect after they submit their form. It can be your organizational website or a social media page.

9. Include a Donation with the Registration Process

Are you hosting an event to raise funds for a cause? You can include an additional donation option on the registration page instead of having them donate on a separate page. Catching your registrants while they are in the mood to spend is great and together you can help a good cause.We are passionate about saving you time and making the software work for you so you spend less time working on the software. These 9 tips can help you increase the efficiency of your workflow while you’re busy creating an amazing event. The software we have is powerful and is meant to make you more powerful as well. Now get going, you have work to do.