What's New -- Summer Product Update

July 16, 2018

There's nothing we love more than to help you in your journey to success! This Summer we've been hard at work to bring you some new features that we believe will do just that. Check 'em out![embed]https://webconnex.wistia.com/medias/rwscis2cdp[/embed]

Transfers in RegFox

If you’ve loved the transfers feature in RedPodium, then we have some phenomenal news for you! Sometimes a registrant is not able to make an event for any number of reasons.With a transfer, your registrants can allow a friend take their place. They simply invite their friend to take over their registration, and when the friend pays and completes the registration, the original registrant gets a refund… minus any transfer fees you choose to have apply. So if you have a no refund policy, this allows you to offer a way for your registrants to get a refund by way of transferring their spot to someone else.To set up a transfer, it’s super easy. Just turn on registrant permissions, and allow transfers. Put the power back in your registrants’ hands!

Ambassador Program out of Beta

Our Ambassador Program has been a great way for RegFox and RedPodium users to get their registrants to be their best evangelists. With the ambassador program, you’re able to incentivize your registrants to invite their friends -- and receive money back for every friend who signs up! We’re thrilled to announce that it’s finally out in the wild for everyone. If you weren’t part of our beta for the ambassador program, you’ll now see a new item in the tab bar of your builder.

“AddThis” Social Sharing

Your campaign is way too cool to just stay on one place. You have an audience on social media that is just begging to attend your event! This is why we’ve made social sharing not only easier, but BETTER. Instead of just Facebook and Twitter, you can now share to pretty much whatever social medium you want! AND, so your people don’t miss it, we’ve added the option to have them float on the side of the page as well as stick to the bottom on mobile phones! The social media masses won’t even know what hit them.

Fresh New Look

If you’ve logged in anytime recently, you’ll notice a few things look a little different in the system. Between the bolder text, color accents, and focused user interface, we’re confident you’ll find this new look will be something your eyes can feast on. Over the summer, we are rolling out many more updates to make things easier, cleaner and simpler to use. Big thanks for our team members Ryan and Jordan for their great work on this.It is our sincerest honor to announce these new things to you. Seriously, we love putting new stuff in your hands, especially when it’s going to make your campaigns even more mind-blowing.If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, we have a wonderful little button at the bottom right of your builder that will allow you to message us and get access to all the articles whenever you need them.

Additional Items That Were Released:

New! New look and feel to the control panel: Because the former version was designed by someone who is colorblind (no, seriously).New!: Load speed of filtering of campaigns: We are caving into our instant gratification culture and brining you data even faster.New! TicketSpice Android App: Our incredible ticket scanning app is now available on android devices. In a related note, we are now a respectable tech company.New!: Option to hide text answers from confirmation: Sometimes you might not want to display every text answer on confirmation. In case you are capturing embarrassing medical conditions or some stuff like that.New!: Hide tax exempt values on confirmation: For non-profits who issue partial tax deductible values for attending their events, you can now keep that tax exempt value a secret for a while so no one gets a head start on their taxes.New!: Delete and download gallery images: Apparently people don’t want to see every image they’ve ever uploaded. Who would have thought?Updated: Extended Life of Download link For Memorized Reports From 48hrs to 72hrs: You’re welcome, you slackers. ;)Updated: List of Users on Your Account Shows Owner: So now you know who signed up and who is in charge. For good reasons or bad ones.Fixed: Tool tips were invisible on mobile: An invisible tooltip is as helpful as a silent bull horn.Fixed: Dymo Printer Buggy: A round trip to hell and back to figure this one out, but Dymo printer works consistently now.Fixed: Account Manager Phone Number Is Now Detelable: (Is deletable even a word?) Before the phone number wouldn’t delete. It now does.Fixed: Hide Registrant on Confirmation By Removing ##Registrants: If you remove that odd text of line, then registrant block will hide (again). You deserve a gold star if you knew deleting that did anything.Fixed: Transfer registration link vanished in account manager: This is no magic show folks. Links don’t get to disappear just for fun. Psh..Fixed: Recently published forms list was showing unpublished forms: Showing unpublished forms in a published form list turned out to be kinda unhelpful.Fixed: Filters on Exports was creating blank reports: For a time, it was filtering out everything.. Now it only filters what you ask it to.