Our Webconnex family is growing by two feet!

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Our Webconnex family is growing by two feet! No…No one on our team is pregnant but we have recently added a new member to our truly awesome customer support team, meet Brandon.

Hello and it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for taking some time out of your day to get to know me. The basics about me are simple, I like to be involved with friends and family. I will travel for a good cup or 3 of coffee. Please keep me near water so I can fish. And if you buy me food success can alway be found in a burrito.

Choosing to join the Webconnex team means that I have opened a door to an opportunity to use many of my skills like: problem solving, dad jokes, writing, ping-pong and my love of #marketing. It’s rare to find a company that strives to use the many talents their people possess to improve business and client relationships. My goal is to jump in the fast moving Webconnex current, be useful in the their growth and foster healthy client relationships.


When you send in a message or call in feel free to bring up music from the 70’s and 80’s. Why, might you ask? Well a fun fact about me, is my dad was a roadie and lighting tech dude in the late 70s and 80s for bands like the Ramones, The Eagles, The Beach Boys and many many more. I went to my first concert at 9 months old. Though my dad stopped working the road full time after I was born he never completely left the business. This allowed me to work and play backstage at a young age. The highlight of these experiences was my sophomore year of High School, I was dropped off Monday morning at school after working the weekend at Coachella in the backstage catering tent in 2001, where I got to hand Beck a Cactus-Cooler over the weekend!

Nowadays, ask me what I do on a free weekend and my response would be: If I were to go to an alternate dimension where I have a commitment free Saturday, I would head to a lake to fish in the area between Highway 80 and 49 in Northern California.

Finally, to round up my introduction, I suggest that you watch this video, Ken Block In SF. It’s one of my favorites and something I can watch over and over, as I suggest you do.

TLDR (To Long Didn’t Read): Coffee, music and together we can be awesome!