What's New -- Fall Product Update 2018

September 12, 2018

Fall is upon us and it’s about time we share what we’ve been up to lately. This Summer we’ve been hard at work on some great new features to help you in your pursuit of success. Check them out![embed]https://webconnex.wistia.com/medias/dtru9drcgl?media_finished[/embed]

Hotels and Lodging Information (Stay22 Integration)

Skip the stress of room blocks and penalties for not meeting hotel reservation requirements. With our new integration that lives in the navigation bar, you can now provide discounted lodging options right on your form! Incredible, right? Options like hotels and even Airbnb rentals can be found close to your event! Let the map take care of accommodation logistics while you devote your resources to planning the perfect event with your team. AND if you’re working with a certain hotel, you can use this new feature to let your registrants know! Just edit your header, turn on the navigation bar and begin using this new lodging feature.

Group Size Requirements

A new registration option that focuses on groups has arrived! Now, when your registrants want to register as a couple, team, table, crew, squad, or posse, everyone is invited to register together! By enabling Group Size Requirements on the registration option field, you can require a group size for any of your registration types. Say sayonara to loneliness!

Same Page Multi-Reg

Our Multi-Reg feature just got a whole lot easier! We know that filling out page after page of registrations can be well… ANNOYING. So we added a Multi-Reg setting to allow all the registrants to be added on one page, saving time and clicks for the person filling out the form! Just activate the same page registrations here, and the only thing you have to concern yourself with is that left pinky tiring out from smashing that tab button.

Social Proof

When there is a buzz happening around your event, people should be able to experience it. Build momentum by showing the stream of people who have recently signed up. People trust events they see other people registering for, so let your existing customers sell for you. Activating this one is easy. Go into the social sharing settings of your event, choose the range of activity, and watch the numbers start flowing in!

Share & Thank

There’s nothing like a bundle of gratitude to make your registrants feel like they’ve been clothed with a nice warm blanket. When you add this field to your form, a custom thank you message will display when they share on Facebook. And believe us, there are many ways to say Thank You! Add gifs, coupons, or mushy language to express your heartfelt appreciation.We know. It must feel like Christmas with all the features we just dropped on you, but the truth is Christmas is still 4 months away. Between now and then, we’ll have some more super cool stuff to show you and we can’t wait. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, there is a tempting little button in the bottom right hand corner of your campaign that will lead you to a warehouse full of help articles to browse, as well as a way to message one of our delightful humans on support.Get out there for one more day in the sun while it still lasts! You’ll be breaking out the sweats and thermals any day now. Just accept it. Happy fall y’all!

Additional Items That Were Released:

New! Pending offline registrants get an email when you mark them completed (so they know). While we like a good guessing game, this is was neither the time nor the place for guessing.New! We added a new export column for last updated. Just to satisfy those who can never have enough data in their exports. No worries, we don’t mind feeding your data addiction.New! Ability to send each individual ticket to a different person via email. Now you can email each ticket just like you can text each ticket. We can hear the shouts of joy from here, Catalyst.New! Line Item Fee Can Now Apply To Specific Fields: It used to apply to everything above it. But we realize you’re not ready for that kind of commitment yet. Pssst! This improvement is really useful for those using the line item fee for sales tax.Updated: Expanded the width of the exporting field selectors. What, was this previously a field selector built for ants!?Updated: Export Recipient List From Communication Center: Export the the list of people who opened, clicked, or registered from your emails -- so you can make it awkward the next time you see them in person.Fixed: Search Became Unhelpful The search was about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. It now does what you expect it to do and searches what you’re looking for.Fixed: Communication Center Required Commas Between Multiple Recipient Emails. We’re launched an internal investigation into however commas ever became required. Sweet justice is coming. Enjoy your comma-free new life.Fixed: Other Fund Selection Stopped Showing A Text Input. When choosing other fund, the system didn’t ask the donor to elaborate. Not everyone has the gift of prophecy. Until then, the other fund selection will ask donors to specify.Fixed: Waitlist Registrants Couldn’t Be Completed When The Page Was Closed: We told the page rules to take a chill pill and let waitlist registrants to get what they’ve been waiting for.Fixed: Coupon Calculated Negative Balance. We told the balance to stop being so negative. Sheesh.Fixed: Embeddable Widget Showed Different Card Types Than What Were Accepted on the Page: We won’t tolerate our widget to be complicit in #fakenewsFixed: Recurring Events Couldn’t Edit Tickets: We sent out recurring events to Tony Robbin’s conference, Unleashing the Power Within and all is better now.Fixed: Form List Didn’t Load For Internet Explorer 11: And there are people who still use Internet Explorer, eh? Imagine that.Fixed: Registrants Couldn’t Add New Registrants From Account Manager If There Were Disallowed Fields in Registrant Permissions. Because no one should ever be stopped from bringing a friend.