What's New -- November 2018 Product Update

November 1, 2018

We are now heavy into the fall season and as you have been going to corn mazes, fall festivals, and pumpkin patches, we have been carving out features just for you!We felt like the last few months we gave love to RegFox, RedPodium, and GivingFuel so this season we focused on TicketSpice. But not to worry, we still have something for the other products as well.[embed]https://webconnex.wistia.com/medias/ikxalkfiw9[/embed]

Ticket Timeslots

If you are selling tickets by time-slot, you can now do so in a much easier way! Whether you’re using our multi-day event setup or our recurring event set up, you can now add time-slots to your page to sell tickets.

You can enter the days your event is happening on, add the time-slots, create the ticket types, and voila! Ticket buyers can now easily select the date, times, and ticket types they want to come to your event.

Reserved Seating Updates

The Reserved Seating functionality in our TicketSpice product has been in beta for the past several months. We listened to your feedback and we’ve implemented some amazing new looks and functionality to make the seat purchasing experience that much smoother for your attendees.New functions include:

  • Being able to select seats in multiple sections in one transaction.
  • Turning a Seat Hold into Seat Pools to allow a group of people to access the same hold and select their own seats out of the hold.
  • Viewing the whole venue and taken seats at once.
  • Filtering entire venue by ADA seats or price points.

Reserved Seating is still in beta but with these updates, we are that much closer to publicly releasing it.

TicketSpice Ambassadors

Our ambassador program was such a hit in our Redpodium and RegFox products that we decided to bring it on over to TicketSpice! With the Ambassador program, you’re able to incentivize your attendees to invite their friends -- and get money back for every ticket they sign up! You can designate a dollar amount per ticket type to allow for a bigger reward for more expensive tickets and maybe no reward for free type tickets. Time to fire up your promotion by turning your attendees into marketers.

Ticket Transfers

Another great functionality that has done well in our registration products has also been brought into TicketSpice: Ticket Transfers! With a transfer, your attendees can allow a friend to take any or all of their tickets. They simply invite their friend to take over the tickets, and when the friend pays and completes their order, the original registrant gets a refund… minus any transfer fees. If you have a sold out event or a no refund policy, this allows you to offer a way for your attendees to get a refund by transferring their spot to someone else without you losing any money.

Corporate Name in Billing Block

It may feel like we gave all the love to TicketSpice but here is a feature we built for the other products! Registrants and Donors can now notate if their payment is on behalf of an organization. When a donor or registrant checks “I am representing an organization” in the billing section of the form, the organization name entered will track with the transaction throughout reporting.

For non-profits this is huge! Now you don’t have to wonder if Bob donated as himself or on behalf of an organization. End of the Year statements will separate out donations made on behalf of the organization.As the year winds down, we are only ramping up! As our team grows, we’re able to release some amazing features and design updates that will help you add to your events. Be on the lookout for new things in our next project update! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, there is a tempting little button in the bottom right-hand corner of your campaign that will lead you to a warehouse full of helpful articles to browse, as well as a way to message one of our delightful humans on support.Now go enjoy some pumpkin treats!

Additional Release Notes

Updated: Ability to flag any email field on the page to receive a bcc copy of the email confirmation. Super handy for all the administrative assistants filling out their forms for their bosses.Fixed: When setting a hide fee action, the fee wasn’t hiding. We’ve made hidden fees truly hidden again.Fixed: From account manager, adding a new registrant didn’t enforce the team password. We’re a country of laws and shall enforce proper requirements.Fixed: Really long merchandise titles didn’t align correctly. We took this bug to the code chiropractor, and now she’s fully aligned.Fixed: Select and Lock action stopped working. With record unemployment, there is no reason to be out of work. She’s back to work.Fixed: Dymo printer didn’t acknowledge pending offline payments. That was pretty rude of him. After some inclusion training, Dymo printers now print all registrant types.Fixed: Roster widget not sorting dates correctly for Safari and Firefox browsers. We made date sorting great again.Fixed: Long tooltips got cut off. We thought tips were supposed to be short, but for you long-winded folks, you’re welcome.Fixed: PDF terms of use didn’t show up in account manager. The PDF terms were issued a written warning that if they don’t show up consistently, there will be hell to pay.Fixed: Loading saved payment required you to re-enter payment information...completely defeating the purpose of saved payment information that you… don’t have to re-enter it. Fixed.Fixed: Multi-reg stopping allowing free registrants to be added to the order. Freeloaders are free to start freeloading again.Fixed: Lots of other nerdy under the hood. Details frankly that frankly are too boring to list.