Gain Back Your Sanity with Zapier’s Data Syncing to All Your Favorite Tools

March 13, 2018

We are all looking for life hacks, automation and efficiency so we can focus on our most important work. If you’re already using services such as Mailchimp, Salesforce or HubSpot alongside our software then your life has officially gotten easier with our new Zapier integration feature. Zapier specializes in being middle man of over 1,000 greats apps on the internet, now including ours!We’ve talked previously about the amazing things you can do with Zapier. Check that out if you need a refresher course! Ok, now that you are still with me, and you're ready to move on we have a 5 points for you to start saving time and money by integrating Zapier with your GivingFuel account.

1. Sign up for a Zapier account.

This is the easiest but most fundamental step in the process and the journey starts at You’ll be met with a few options. Zapier starts out as the amazing price of FREE! While that is a great way to start, we encourage clients that are needing to use premium apps to go ahead and sign up for one of their paid accounts. The pricing starts at $20 a month, and goes up from there depending on your needs and amount of team members. After you’ve set up your account you will be primed to continue on!

2. Learn Zapier’s capabilities.

After you’ve signed up, you’ll want to make sure to go through their basics help page if you are new to their platform. Here you’ll be able to learn the necessities for becoming a Zapier master. It is important, before you set up your Zaps, to really understand what it is these do. For instance, learning what a “Zap” actually is, compared to a “Task”, and more. As we’ve gone through before, Zapier takes data from one product, translates it, and places it into the other application. But learning the in’s and out’s will help you greatly in setting up your automations.

3. Check out GivingFuel’s Zapier offerings.

Now that you have signed up for a Zapier account, and learned the in’s and out’s of their product, you can now brush up on GivingFuel. One of the first things we wanted to do was build a place for you to read, watch and learn! For that we have a small library of videos to go through standard use cases with Zapier and GivingFuel. Here you can gain a brief overview on our GivingFuel Zapier integration. After going through that you will be ready to get your automation party going.Additionally we've got a few guides of some of the most common Zaps our GivingFuel customers will need.

4. Use templates when you can.

In addition to that small library of videos, we’ve also pre-built Zapier templates just for you! These templates will do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ve built out 10 templates to match common use cases that you will find when starting to use Zapier and GivingFuel together. For instance, creating an account within Salesforce when donations come in, or how about adding subscribers to a Mailchimp list? We’ve covered that and more. These templates will help you get going with new tasks. You can find those here!

5. Enjoy your hard work!

Now that you have gone through these steps, get ready to reap the benefits of your hard work! Zapier is sure to make the process of automating Zaps with data from GivingFuel a breeze! In addition to our AMAZING support team to answer questions pertaining to our platform, Zapier also loves to help their customers as well. So no matter where you are, you are in safe hands!We hope you enjoy the launch of Zapier with GivingFuel, we know it will save you time, money, and give you bragging rights with your co-workers with your magical “Zaps” that you set up!