Want to sell us on something? Come By... Seriously

Though beware before you enter.

If you walk up to many businesses, usually on their door is a “No Solicitors” sign on their door. Not at our office anymore. In fact, we boldly proclaim that “Solicitors Are Welcome!” Solicitors used to be very annoying to us. They would walk in to our office and wander until they found someone to talk to about whatever product or service they were schlepping. The day we got a ping pong table in our entry is the day that all changed, as we instituted the official Policy for Solicitors. You can download a copy of our official policy here and institute a similar one or copy the text from below. If you are a salesperson, please stop by M-F 9am-5pm. We will be glad to see you!
sign copy


Effective – 3/1/2012

Due to the high volume of sales solicitations in our office, all sales people will be required to play a single game of ping pong prior to any sales pitch or inquiry.


1 ) Game winner is first person to 5, winner take all.

2 ) Sales person can choose their opponent.

3 ) Sales person serves entire match.

4 ) Winner must win by 2

5 ) Photo will be taken of sales person and opponent

6 ) Photo will be taken after game is completed

7 ) Sales person agrees their photo may be posted on wall and/or company blog

8 ) Upon game completion, sales person will be given information on current arrangements with vendors. Contact information and business card will be given

9 ) No exceptions