4 Ways to Get Donors to Participate in Year-End Giving

November 28, 2018

Tis the season for giving! Your donors are filled with the spirit of giving and ready to donate. Now all you need to do is give them the opportunity. Year-end giving is an awesome way to fuel a great boost in donations for your organization.Check out a video review of our tips to help you get your donors to participate in year-end giving and boost your organization’s revenue for the year.[embed]https://webconnex.wistia.com/medias/3lvj4y4vs9[/embed]This final push to give can become a yearly tradition, an anticipated way for your donors to get involved. So how do your donors hop on the year-end giving train?

Tell Your Donors

Seems obvious but its crucial! Tell your donors about the year-end giving opportunities. As mentioned above, donors are ready to give, so ask. Schedule an email blast for December as this is the most fruitful time of year. Include marketing graphics for the campaign in your newsletters, emails, website, and social media. Maybe even check out our 5 Free Fundraising Email Templates.

Show Your Impact

Show your donors where their money went over the past year. It is easy for donors to feel like their gifts are simply getting lost in the midst of the rest of your organization’s revenue. However, tangibly showing your donors where their gifts went or specifically how they made a difference in your organization will encourage them to continue to give. Show the number of homes your organization was able to build, the number of families fed, and share the stories of the individuals whose lives have been changed.

Give Them a Reason

Now that your donors have seen where their funds went last year, show them the great need that still exists. Create a new goal that donors can begin contributing to now! Make the goal specific, with 10 more homes to build, 5 more wells to drill, or 1,000 more families to feed! Allowing your donors to feel like they get the chance to get a head-start on a new goal can build a renewed excitement and energy for your organization.

Make it Easy

Once your donors are ready to give don’t send them down the rabbit’s hole in search of a donation page. Make it easy for your donors to give. Include large buttons on your website stating, “GIVE NOW!” and lead them directly to a clean, uncluttered donation page. Also, be sure to avoid asking for too much information, that could lead to distraction and delayed or abandoned transactions.GivingFuel is ready to help you succeed in year-end giving. There’s no excuse, start your year-end giving campaign today! Donors are ready, make sure you are too.