3 Steps to Launching Successful Customer Experience

August 23, 2018

When it comes to events, a customer’s experience starts the moment they search online for information regarding your event. It’s inevitable; questions will arise throughout the process of your event registration. Investing the time to think through your customer support flow will help you achieve customer satisfaction leading up to your event.Here at Webconnex our customer support team enjoys delighting and making happy customers. Today I'm sharing 3 steps to launch a successful customer experience for your event!

1. Make Your Link Easy to Find

You've heard us say this before but we can't stress it enough, don't make your customers search for a way to buy. Once you are ready to go live, you will find your live link ready to share! There are key places to share your link to make sure people know where to register!

  • Display your live link on your website. If this is a main event, consider providing the link on your front page or in a section where your events would be typically displayed.
  • Create a Facebook page and post the link for registration. In this social media age, people flock to their social accounts to find information before they would go on your official site. Create a page or post it in an existing group.
  • Create an email campaign. If you have a current database of emails, consider an email that has a clear invitation to your event.

2. Answer Questions Proactively

The best support you can give to your customers is the kind they can find for themselves. Cut down the time it takes to contact you or your staff by anticipating any potential questions or frequently asked questions regarding your event. You can upload an FAQ file or sheet on your website, main registration page, or even in the confirmation page and email after a registrant checks out. Consider giving answers to the following questions that might be relevant to your event.

  • The where and how of the check-in process
  • Parking arrangements or any directions and costs involved
  • Proper Attire
  • What to expect with food: where to buy food or dine during the event if food isn’t provided
  • ADA provisions
  • Refund policy
  • Bonus Tip: Enable the Help Nav Bar to allow your attendees to re-send their own email confirmations, find your contact information, and see nearby lodging!

Note: Checkout our blog post on How to Create a better FAQ.

3. Set the Tone With Your Answers

Although your customers are looking for answers to their questions, your interaction is not limited to just giving them answers. Adding a human touch that echoes your company or organization culture will help provide a delightful experience to your customers while getting the answers they came for. Find ways to engage your customer, whether that’s through a cheerful tone of voice on the phone, a fun GIF or emoji through an email or messenger, and displaying patience and empathy with their questions or issues. Below are just a few ways to approach your customers’ questions and concerns and help you set a positive tone for your interactions:

  • Always greet them with a personal touch. If they share their name, include their name; however if they do not, a simple ‘hello’ followed by phrases such as ‘I hope your day is going well’ or ‘how’s your day going?’ will go a long a way.
  • Acknowledge their question or issue: “I see that you are unable to locate your tickets”
  • Provide the solution or a follow up question: “I would love to help get your tickets to you! If you can leave your first and last name along with your email, I’ll be able to send those tickets your way!”
  • If you need to provide an answer that will be a “no,” be kind but direct. There’s nothing worse than being let down and still feeling like the answer is unclear. Apologize briefly but do not over engage in the sorry game as you should maintain authority and credibility. Provide alternate solutions in a positive manner to find a middle ground solution for your customers.
  • If you have a FAQ’s page or a place where your customers can find the answers, do not turn them away and point them to those places. First, provide a personal answer, then, you can recommend the materials available to them if they run into anything else after your contact with them.

People remember how they are treated, and in an age of online reviews and comments, providing excellent customer support will help separate your event or organization apart from the rest of the crowd!