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Hi! We’re Webconnex. We know you’ve may not have heard of us before, but millions of people have used our software. In fact our software has already processed over $1B dollars for our customers! Our company is small (about 40 people) and we do what we do because we find the very best people possible for the job. Carefully read the job description below and if you think you’re a good fit, apply below.

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**Ps: if you are a recruiter, outsourcing company or some other form of employment solicitor, we will not respond to your emails and you will be on our mud list. **

About the Job

You'll work hard, play hard and delight thousands of customers.

At Webconnex, we offer the most outrageously awesome customer support in any industry we are in. We pride ourselves on the way our team delights our customers with our technology and human interactions.

Being part of the Solutions Team would mean you have a major role in determining the success or failure of a client. Your interactions help determine if someone has a good experience or a bad one; a memorable one or a forgetful one. When a customer thinks of Webconnex, they will think of you and the experience they had with you just as much as the software we make.

We place our reputation and customer experience into your hands.

Being a Solutions Team Member means you have an incredible ability to listen well and uncover what the client is actually needing (because they sometimes don’t know). You act as an adviser or assure they are using our software to the best of their ability and help to guide them to success. Being on this team means you are great a focusing on the task at hand and problem solving until a resolution is discovered.

As a Solutions Team Member you would play a vital role in the improvement of our software. You will witness first-hand where our customers get stuck, what’s confusing and what could be better. You will stand up for the client, while also knowing how our development cycles and decision making works as a company. Your feedback on behalf of our clients will influence our future development roadmaps, marketing materials, help content and design.

Not only are you helping customers succeed, your insights help to influence and improve our software and impact future success of our company.

We believe the best support is no support. Our goal is to have our software be so easy and so intuitive that the majority of people never reach out for help. But when they do, they get a fantastic and memorable and extremely human experience with you. You will help identify what new help documentation is needed and will help to produce it.


A Solutions Team Member is Someone Who…

  • Has an awesome blend of friendly, kind, empathetic and patient
  • Knows the pain our customers feel and why they are using our software to solve
    their pain.
  • Is committed to taking care of and delighting our clients.
  • Makes sure our clients feel heard and valued by listening and digging deeper prior
    to responding.
  • Handles client problems with the perfect harmony of skill and smiles.
  • Has a ‘can-do’ attitude and who is willing to proactively seek out answers and
  • Is ready to have fun each day serving amazing organizations from around the world.
  • Can dialog respectfully and gracefully with disgruntled clients.
  •  Seeks personal growth and knowledge.
  • Excels in a team environment.
  • Is able to identify and prevent future problems before they happen.
  • Can carefully balance “The Customer is Always Right” with the design and vision of
    our product.
  • Works to build client loyalty and further our reputation of outstanding customer
  • Can effectively and efficiently prioritize and manage their time and tasks and
    execute them without the need of someone asking them to
  • Is willing to give and receive feedback

A Typical Day In The Life of A Solutions Team Member

  • 7:00 AM Fuel up with a tasty breakfast and coffee
  • 8:00 AM Check slack to see any overnight happenings in our internal team chat
  • 8:45 AM Arrive at the office. Grab more coffee and oatmeal and catch up with team
  • 9:00 AM Hit the ground running with responding to and delighting our clients in our
  • Time? Partake in an unscheduled nerf gun war
  • 11:00 AM Callback voicemails
  • Noon Pick out some lunch from our stocked kitchen and each lunch with some of the
    team (or head out to lunch, go to the gym, go for a run, etc)
  • 1:00 PM Solving problems, educating clients and delighting them in the messenger
  • 2:00 PM Callback voicemails
  • 3:00 PM Maybe go for a little walk to stretch the legs and get some fresh air
  • 3:30 PM Report any bugs or new issues, connect with development team on issues
  • 4:00 PM Continue in the inbox while eating some Sweedish Fish and joke about
    movie trivia
  • 5:00 PM Make sure all loose ends are wrapped up and head home mentally
    exhausted, but happy.


  • A Solutions Team Member starts at $40,000 per year with substantial growth each year here
  • Bonuses, and profit sharing eligibility
  • Company trips, remote experiences + annual company trip out of country for a month
  • We currently offer a health care package with Blue Shield w/HSA along with other perks that come along with being part of the Webconnex team. ☺

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