We're Hiring Dev Ops

Do you enjoy the challenge of building and managing servers and services? Do you have a love of automation and efficiency? Is monitoring and reporting something you live for? You might just be the person we are looking for.

How do we do it with just 40 people? By curating and attracting the best people we can find. Our team is comprised of smart, passionate and humble people who love what they do. The results speak for themselves. Sure, the work is great, but the people who you work with is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our team culture is our top priority. Skills can be taught, people can be nurtured into roles, but team chemistry is either there or it is not.

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**Ps: if you are a recruiter, outsourcing company or some other form of employment solicitor, we will not respond to your emails and you will be on our mud list. **


Our dev team is spread out all over the nation with the core of the team being in Sacramento CA. We welcome remote workers and have built a culture to build and maintain strong team relationships with both remote and stationary team members. West Coast locations are desired but not required. By doing frequent trips we bring the team together for extended periods of face-to-face time to build deeper and more relevant connects amongst the team.  Some examples of trips include Costa Rica, Tahoe, San Diego, and Newport Beach.

Our Stack

  • NodeJS/Javascript
  • GoLang
  • MySQL/Postgres
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • RedShift/Kafka

What We Are Looking For

  • Someone that loves solving problems
  • Someone that is able to see the big picture and architect around the specific needs and requirements of the business and market
  • Someone that is able communicate best practices and support the engineering team to help create the best products possible.


Skills & Requirements

  • Oversee and architect infrastructure to enable scalable applications in the cloud
  • Manage and architect our growing AWS footprint
  • Empower our engineers and data scientists to work at scale
  • Provide guidance and leadership on our use of internal and external cloud infrastructure
  • Minimum of 5+ years hands-on experience in infrastructure engineering, DevOps, or software engineering staff member
  • Excellent shell and scripting fundamentals
  • Experience with Golang
  • Experience with relational databases and other data storage technology
  • In depth knowledge of secure systems and common requirements for compliance with financial and personal data
  • In-depth knowledge of build/release systems, CI/CD systems
  • Able to build tools from scratch when needed
  • Proficient at Linux system administration
  • Proficient with container technologies like Docker
  • Understanding of monitoring technology
  • Experience with modern web services architectures
  • Experience with Chef or other configuration management tools
  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills.


Send us a few samples of your work: portfolio, links, code samples or whatever represents what you do best.


We like to have fun and work hard. Benefits include:

  • Remote work flexibility
  • Yearly trips to work out of the country as a team (primarily in someplace tropical)
  • Competitive salaries
  • Blue Shield healthcare package
  • Great people

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